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Steve Hodges
Featured videos

SecondLight is a revolutionary multi-touch interaction surface which allows an image to be projected through the display surface in addition to the image which is rendered on the surface itself. This video shows a live demo of SecondLight to an audience of around 7,000 at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, PDC 2008.


Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer is a rapid prototyping platform for small electronic gadgets and embedded hardware devices. It combines the solderless assembly of electronic modules with high-level event based programming to enable professionals, hobbyists and students to design and build their own devices remarkably quickly and easily.


SenseCam is a wearable camera that takes photos automatically and which is proving to have great potential as an aid to recall for people with memory loss - it is currently being used in a number of clinical settings. Sensecam is also proving to be an incredibly powerful tool for studying the processes of autobiographical memory and is helping cognitive neuroscientists develop their theoretical models.