Shixia Liu

Shixia Liu

About Me

I am a lead researcher in the Internet Graphics Group at Microsoft Research Asia.  I received a B.S. and M.S. in Computational Mathematics from Harbin Institute of Technology, a Ph.D. in Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics from Tsinghua University. Before I joined MSRA, I worked as a research staff member and research manager at IBM China Research Lab, where I managed the departments of Smart Visual Analytics and User Experience.

Email: shliu at (

Open Position - Visualization Researchers and Interns

The Team: Weiwei Cui; Yingcai Wu


I am extremely interested in leveraging human intelligence, especially visual perceptional systems to facilitate decision making from huge amounts of data. My research helps users see, communicate, and process information in intuitive and novel ways. My research interests include interactive, visual text analytics and interactive, visual social network analysis.

  • Interactive, visual text analytics: research and develop interactive visual metaphors and tools to transform text collections into a visual representation that helps reveal thematic patterns and locate interesting information.
  • Interactive, visual social network analysis: research and develop interactive visual metaphors and tools to aid in fast social network exploration and understanding.

Professional Activities

  • Program Committee: KDD 2014
  • Workshop Co-Chair: IEEE VIS 2013 Workshop on Interactive Visual Text Analytics
  • Program Committee: KDD 2013, PAKDD 2013
  • Poster Co-chair: PacificVis 2013
  • Workshop Co-chair: IEEE VisWeek 2012 Workshop on Interactive Visual Text Analytics
  • Guest Editor: Tsinghua Science and Technology
  • Guest Editor: ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology
  • Program Co-chair: Visual Information Communication - International Symposium 2012
  • Workshop Co-chair: IEEE VisWeek 2011 Workshop on Interactive Visual Text Analytics for Decision Making
  • Workshop Co-chair: Intelligent Visual Interfaces for Text Analysis, 2010 
  • Program Committee: PacificVis 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Program Committee: ACM IUI 2009, 2011
  • Program Committee: VISAPP 2011, 2012
  • Program Committee: VINCI'11
  • Program Committee: ACM Multimedia 2009
  • Program Committee: SDM 2008

Selected Publications



Exploring Topical Lead-Lag across Corpora

Shixia Liu, Yang Chen, Hao Wei, Jing Yang, Kun Zhou, and Steven M. Drucker

IEEE TKDE, 2014 (accepted). [Paper][Video]


Let It Flow: a Static Method for Exploring Dynamic Graphs.

Weiwei Cui, Xiting Wang, Shixia Liu, Nathalie H. Riche, Tara M. Madhyastha, Kwan-Liu Ma, Baining Guo.

PacificVis 2014 (accepted) [Paper] [Video].




  Visual Analysis of Topic Competition on Social Media.
Panpan Xu, Yingcai Wu, Enxun Wei, Tai-Quan Peng, Shixia Liu, Jonathan J. H. Zhu, and Huamin Qu.
IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graph (VAST’13), 19(12):2012-21, 2013. [Paper][Video] [Project]

StoryFlow: Tracking the Evolution of Stories.

Shixia Liu, Yingcai Wu, Enxun Wei, Mengchen Liu, Yang Liu. 

 IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graph (Infovis’13), 19(12):2436-45,213. [Paper][Video] [Project


Mining Evolutionary Multi-Branch Trees from Text Streams.

Xiting Wang, Shixia Liu, Yangqiu Song, Baining Guo.

KDD 2013: 722-730 [Paper]


A Survey on Information Visualization: Recent Advances and Challenges.

Shixia Liu, Weiwei Cui, Yingcai Wu, Mengchen Liu.

The Visual Computer, 2013 (accepted). [Paper]

  A Survey of Visual Analytics Techniques and Applications: State-of-the-Art Research and Future Challenges
Guodao Sun, Yingcai Wu, Ronghua Liang, Shixia Liu
Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 28(5): 852-867, 2013. [Paper]

A Hierarchical Aspect-Sentiment Model for Online Reviews.

Suin Kim, Jianwen Zhang, Zheng Chen, Alice Oh, Shixia Liu

AAAI 2013 [Paper]


Optimizing temporal topic segmentation for intelligent text visualization.

 Shimei Pan, Michelle X. Zhou, Yangqiu Song, Weihong Qian, Fei Wang, Shixia Liu.

 IUI 2013: 339-350. [Paper]


ViSizer - A Visualization Resizing Framework.
Yingcai Wu, Xiaotong Liu, Shixia Liu*, Kwan-Liu Ma.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. 19(2): 278-290 (2013)  [Paper]

PIWI: Visually Exploring Graphs Based on Their Community Structure.

Jing Yang, Yujie Liu, Xin Zhang, Xiaoru Yuan, Ye Zhao, Scott Barlowe, Shixia Liu. 

IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graph. 19(6): 1034-1047 (2013) [Paper]


Constrained Text Co-clustering with Supervised and Unsupervised Constraints

Y. Song, S.i Pan, S. Liu*, F. Wei, M. X. Zhou, W. Qian.

IEEE TKDE. 25(6): 1227-1239 (2013) [Paper


Lead-Lag Analysis via Sparse Co-Projection in Correlated Text Streams

F. Wu,  Y. Song, S. Liu, Y. Huang, Z. Liu

CIKM, 2069-2078, 2013.



RankExplorer: Visualization of Ranking Changes in Large Time Series Data
Conglei Shi, Weiwei Cui, Shixia Liu, Panpan Xu, Wei Chen, Huamin Qu 

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (InfoVis'12). [Paper]

Whisper: Tracing the Spatiotemporal Process of Information Diffusion in Real Time
Nan Cao, Yu-Ru Lin, Xiaohua Sun, David Lazer, Shixia Liu, Huamin Qu 

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (InfoVis'12). [Paper][Video]





Automatic Taxonomy Construction from Keywords 

Xueqing Liu, Yangqiu Song, Shixia Liu, Haixun Wang.

KDD 2012 (accepted). [Paper]





Breaking News on Twitter.

Mengdie Hu, Shixia Liu, Furu Wei, Yingcai Wu, John Stasko, Kwan-Liu Ma.
CHI 2012 (accepted). [Paper]

Some of the public reports on this work:

MSNBC; Washington Times; ReadWriteWeb; LA Times; Poynter; GT news 


TIARA: Interactive, Topic-based Visual Text Summarization and Analysis.

Shixia Liu, Michelle X. Zhou, Shimei Pan, Yangqiu Song, Weihong Qian, Weijia Cai, Xiaoxiao Lian. ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology. 3(2): 25, 2012 [Paper


ImageHive: Interactive Content-Aware Image Summarization

Li Tan, Yangqiu Song, Shixia Liu, Lexing Xie.

IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications. 32(1): 46-55, 2012. 


Real-time Visualization of Streaming Text with Force-Based Dynamic System

Jamal Alsakran, Yang Chen, Dongning Luo, Ye Zhao, Jing Yang, Wenwen Dou, Shixia Liu.

IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications. 32(1): 34-45, 2012. 




TextFlow: Towards Better Understanding of Evolving Topics in Text

Weiwei Cui, Shixia Liu, Li Tan, Conglei Shi, Yangqiu Song, Zekai Gao, Xin Tong, Huamin Qu.  

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (InfoVis'11). [Paper][Video


Tracking and Connecting Topics via Incremental Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes
Zekai Gao, Yangqiu Song, Shixia Liu, Haixun Wang, Weiwei Cui, Hao Wei, and Yang Chen.

ICDM 2011 [Paper].

Semantic-Preserving Word Clouds by Seam Carving

Yingcai Wu, Thomas Provan, Furu Wei, Shixia Liu, and Kwan-Liu Ma. EuroVis 2011. [Paper]



Context-Preserving, Dynamic Word Cloud Visualization
Weiwei Cui, Yingcai Wu, Shixia Liu, Furu Wei, Michelle Zhou, Huamin Qu.
IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, Vol. 30, No. 6, pp. 42 - 53. 


OpinionSeer: Interactive Visualization of Hotel Customer Feedback
Yingcai Wu, Furu Wei, Shixia Liu, Norman Au, Weiwei Cui, Hong Zhou, and Huamin Qu
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (InfoVis'10) [Paper]



FacetAtlas: Multifacet Visualization for Rich Text Corpora
Nan Cao, Jimeng Sun, Yu-Ru Lin, David Gotz, Shixia Liu and Huamin Qu
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (InfoVis'10) [Paper


TIARA: A Visual Exploratory Text Analytic System

Furu Wei, Shixia Liu, Yangqiu Song, Shimie Pan, Michelle X. Zhou, Weihong Qian, Lei Shi, Li Tan, Qiang Zhang.  KDD 2010 [Paper



Evolutionary Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes for Multiple Correlated Time-varying Corpora

Jianwen Zhang, Yangqiu Song, Changshui Zhang, Shixia Liu.  KDD 2010 [Paper]






Constrained Co-clustering for Textual Documents

Yangqiu Song, Shimei Pan, Shixia Liu, Furu Wei, Michelle X. Zhou, Weihong Qian. AAAI 2010. [Paper]  


ContexTour: Contextual Contour Analysis on Dynamic Multi-relational Clustering

Yu-Ru Lin, Jimeng Sun, Nan Cao, Shixia Liu. SDM 2010: 418-429  [Paper]



Context preserving dynamic word cloud visualization
Weiwei Cui, Yingcai Wu, Shixia Liu, Furu Wei, Michelle X. Zhou, Huamin Qu. PacificVis 2010: 121-128 [Paper]



Understanding Text Corpora with Multiple Facets
Lei Shi, Furu Wei, Shixia Liu, Li Tan, Xiaoxiao Lian and Michelle Zhou. VAST 2010 [Paper]







iRANK: A Rank-Learn-Combine Framework for Unsupervised Ensemble Ranking.
Furu Wei, Wenjie Li, Shixia Liu. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 2010 [Paper]  





Interactive, Topic-based Visual Text Summarization and Analysis

Shixia Liu, Michelle X. Zhou, Shimei Pan, Weihong Qian, Weijia Cai, Xiaoxiao Lian.  CIKM 2009, 543-552, 2009. (Candidate of the best paper award) [paper][Video


HiMap: Adaptive visualization of large-scale online social networks
Lei Shi, Nan Cao, Shixia Liu, Weihong Qian, Li Tan, Guodong Wang, Jimeng Sun, Ching-Yung Lin. PacificVis 2009: 41-48 



MultiVis: Content-Based Social Network Exploration through Multi-way Visual Analysis.
Jimeng Sun, Spiros Papadimitriou, Ching-Yung Lin, Nan Cao, Shixia Liu, Weihong Qian. SDM, 1063-1074, 2009.  





  FanLens: A Visual Toolkit for Dynamically Exploring the Distribution of Hierarchical Attributes
Xinghua Lou, Shixia Liu, Tianshu Wang. PacificVis 2008: 151-158 
  Interactive Visual Analysis of the NSF Funding Information
Shixia Liu, Nan Cao, Hao Lv. PacificVis, 183-190, 2008.  

Mining Naturally Smooth Evolution of Clusters from Dynamic Data
Yi Wang, Shi-Xia Liu, Jianhua Feng, Lizhu Zhou. SDM 2007 



An Integrated System for Building Enterprise Taxonomies
Li Zhang, Tao Li, Shixia Liu, Yue Pan. Information Retrieval, 10(4-5): 365-391, 2007.  


  Reconstruction of curved solids from engineering drawings
Shi-Xia Liu, Shi-Min Hu, Yu-Jian Chen, Jia-Guang Sun. Computer-Aided Design 33(14): 1059-1072 (2001) 
  A Matrix-Based Approach to Reconstruction of 3D Objects from Three Orthographic Views
Shi-Xia Liu, Shi-Min Hu, Jia-Guang Sun, Chiew-Lan Tai. Pacific Graphics 2000: 254-261