Shahram Izadi

I am a principal researcher at Microsoft Research (Cambridge UK) where I lead the interactive 3D technologies (I3D) group. This is an extremely multi-discipline group, which straddles many boundaries including human-computer interaction, augmented reality, applied computer vision and graphics, electronics, signal processing, and optics. I also hold a visiting professorship at UCL in the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics (VECG) group.

My research focuses on building new technologies and systems that push the boundaries of human-computer interaction (HCI). This typically involves building new types of cameras, sensors or displays; creating practical algorithms and techniques for these types of novel technologies; as well as designing new user experiences that are enabled through this technical research.

A tiny bit more navel gazing: I’ve been at Microsoft Research over 8 years, spent time at Xerox PARC before and did a PhD with Tom Rodden and Yvonne Rogers working on the EQUATOR project. I was awarded a TR35 in 2009 and a Microsoft Next award in 2012. I’ve served on the organisational committee for ACM UIST, CHI, Ubicomp, TEI, ITS, ISMAR and CSCW. I co-chaired TEI’08 and ITS’08. I’m now co-chairing UIST 2013 (in beautiful St. Andrews!) and the Interaction Technology and Techniques subcommittee for CHI'13 and CHI’14.

My work has led to over 70 research papers (see DBLP & Scholar), and over 70 patents. These include 3 best paper awards at UIST, and paper awards at CHI, ISMAR, Pervasive, CSCW and Ubicomp.


  • Our paper on scalable KinectFusion was presented at SIGGRAPH 2013.
  • We have just launched two new features as part of the Kinect for Windows SDK: Kinect Fusion (our work on 3D reconstruction with a Kinect) and Kinect Interactions (our work on hand state detection). 
  • Our paper on an 8D light field display will be appearing at CHI 2013 (in collaboration with MIT Media Lab).
  • Our paper on camera relocalization will be appearing at CVPR 2013. Stay tuned for a project page.
  • Our Augmented Projectors work was awarded best paper at Pervasive 2012.
  • Our KinecTrack paper at ISMAR 2012 was awarded best paper runner up.
  • Our work on Digits won best demo runner up at UIST 2012.

Selected Research Projects