Wolfram Schulte

Wolfram Schulte

I am an engineering general manager and principal researcher at Microsoft, Redmond, USA. 

I currently lead an advanced development team, called Tools for Software Engineers (TSE). TSE was formed in 2012 in Corp R&D with former members of Microsoft Research and product teams. TSE's mission is to improve engineering productivity across Microsoft. We do so by building developer services at Microsoft scale using Cloud technologies. In 2013 we became part of Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise.

My research interests include

  • software development tools, ranging from build, via automatic test to deployment,
  • software engineering analytics, ranging from collecting data to prediction,
  • programming languages, ranging from language design to runtimes.

Until summer 2012, I lead the Research in Software Engineering (RiSE) group, at Microsoft Research (MSR), Redmond, USA. Before joining MSR in 1999, I worked at the University of Ulm (1993-1999), at sd&m, a German software company (1992-1993), and at the Technical University Berlin (1987-1992). For further information about my research request my vita.



Highlight Papers

Software Development Analytics


Language /Library Design


Publications (by year)


    • Todd Mytkowicz, Madanlal Musuvathi, and Wolfram Schulte, Data-Parallel Finite-State Machines, Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS), March 2014
















    Current Projects (at TSE)

    CloudDev: Bring all of the positive network effects afforded by cloud computing to the practice of software development.

    In more detail, CloudDev provides cloud-based build, test, and deployment services to product groups across Microsoft.

    CodeMine:Provide the right data, at the right time, in the right context for making engineering decisions.

    In more detail, CodeMine provides rich engineering data infrastructure and analysis for source code changes, software bugs, code reviews, testing and deployment to product groups across Microsoft. 

    Past projects (at RiSE)

    Formula: Foundations for Model-driven Engineering. How to describe, analyze, compose and transform domain specific languages?

    VCC: A Verifier for Concurrent C. How to verify low level concurrent C programs like operating systems?

    SPUR: A tracing just-in-time compiler for Microsoft's Common Intermediate Language. Does tracing work for arbitrary languages?  

    Spec#: Design by Contract for C#. How to verify object invariants of sequential OO programs in the presence of inheritance, call backs, and aliases?

    TPL: Task Parallel Library. How can we expose potential parallelism and exploit it efficiently if the opportunity arises?

    SpecExplorer: Model-based testing for Protocols . How to develop and run conformance tests for state-based distributed protocols?

    Pex: Whitebox testing for .NET. How to generate a minimal test suite with maximal coverage?

    CΩ: Adding structural types, queries and join patterns to C# How do we improve on writing three-tier business applications, in particular how to integrate SQL and XML into C#?


    Microsoft Research
    One Microsoft Way
    Building: B115, Room 4112
    Redmond, WA 98052-6399, USA
    Email : schulte at microsoft dot com
    Office Phone : +1 425 703-4641
    Cell Phone: +1 425 497-9260
    Fax : +1 425 936-7329
    How to get to MSR, Redmond
    (Building B115 is next to MSR's building B99)