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Network Speed Test

Network Speed Test can provide you detailed information about the upload and download speeds of your internet connections. The App also maintains a history of the internet connections you’ve tested for easy comparison. When you test a network connection using the App, certain characteristics of your device and the network connection will be sent to Microsoft to help improve our understanding of network quality and availability. If you consent, we may also collect information about your location at the time of the test. The data we collect is not associated with you, and will not be used to identify or contact you or for other purposes like targeted marketing.


Windows Phone 8


Windows 8


1. What is the Network Speed Test app?

A Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 app that allows users to measure their network performance.

2. What is network delay?

The time to transmit a data packet from the app to receive acknowledgement from the receiving service. 

3. What is upload/download speed?

Network Speed Test measures upload and download speeds. This is the average amount of data you can upload or download at a given point time. 

4. How much data does Network Speed Test consume?

Network Speed Test consumes the device’s maximum available bandwidth for roughly fourteen (14) seconds. So, the app consumes more data on higher bandwidth connections than it does on lower bandwidth connections. For example, a device with 10 Megabits per second (Mbps) bandwidth will consume 10 Mb * 14 = 140 Mb. To get Megabytes one must divide by eight (8). 140/8 = 17.5 Megabytes (MB). A device with 2 Mbps bandwidth will consume 2 Mb * 14 = 28 Mb or 3.5 MB

5. Why does Network Speed Test need to know my location?

The app uses the device’s location to identify the closest geographically distributed server that will be used to measure network performance. Tests performed against relatively close servers result in more accurate measurements. You have the option to opt out of using location. Also you can review how the data is used in the app’s privacy statement.

6. Why does Network Speed Test show me a speed that is less than what I have purchased from my Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

It may be worth double checking if an ISP provides guaranteed speeds or they provide speeds up to a specific amount. If your throughput is guaranteed, one’s available bandwidth is subject to use from other computers and software consuming network bandwidth. Network bandwidth tends to be variable because it is, typically, a shared resource. For instance, it’s likely that all individuals in a neighborhood use the same ISP and use the same physical resources. If everyone in the neighborhood uses the Internet at the same time, the average speed available per person is reduced. If only one individual is using the Internet it’s likely that they will have more speed.  

7. Network Speed Test shows me that I can stream high quality videos, but when I try streaming, why doesn’t it work?

Test results represent network performance based on a single point in time, the duration of a test. Given a test’s short duration it is not capable of detecting all of the transient errors, such as packet loss, that may exist in a network and impact a video streaming experience. 

8. Why does Network Speed Test sometimes show me a fast speed, and sometimes a slow speed?

See the response to question 6. Also be mindful that some activities, such as streaming video, will impact available bandwidth.  

9. Can I pick which network the speed test is run on?

Yes. However, one must use the device’s connection manager provided by the operating system. 

10. How does Network Speed Test measure the results?

Network delay

Network Speed Test creates a socket connection with a server, it sends a few data packets and waits to receive a response from the server. The delay presented is the time measured between the client request and the server response.

Download speed

Initially, the app detects which file from a server should be downloaded to measure download speed.

It detects this by downloading a small file and then successively larger files.

It downloads larger files to see if more bandwidth is consumed than when it downloaded the last file.

When the app detects that no more additional bandwidth is consumed, since the last file download, the app then downloads the largest file, which appeared to completely consume the device’s bandwidth, for seven (7) seconds.

The downloaded files contain random data. The app may use multiple threads to download the file and ensure the device’s bandwidth is completely consumed. The throughput (Mbps) is measured by dividing the total number of data packets sent during the download duration, by seven (7) seconds.

Upload speed

The app creates a socket connection with a server and sends as many random data packets as it can to the server, for about seven (7) seconds.


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