Rebecca Isaacs

Rebecca Isaacs

As of September 18 2014, the MSR-SV lab is closed.  Pleased see my profile on LinkedIn or email to get in touch, thanks.

I am a researcher at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley.  My interests are in distributed and concurrent systems, especially in their performance analysis.  I am currently working on Naiad, a scalable, data-parallel computation system that is very efficient for iterative algorithms and when there are incremental changes to the input data.  Check out our code release and the Big Data at SVC blog.  Naiad is in collaboration with Frank McSherry, Derek Murray, Michael Isard and Martin Abadi.

I previously worked on Barrelfish, together with other MSR researchers including Andrew Baumann, Tim Harris (now at Oracle Labs), and Paul Barham, and also with Timothy Roscoe and students from the Systems Group at ETH Zurich.  The main goal of the Barrelfish project (which is still going strong) is to explore how to structure an OS for future multi- and many-core systems.

Past projects include ConstellationAnemone and Magpie.


Program committee member for SOSP 2013, NSDI 2013, ASPLOS 2012, SOSP 2011, EuroSys 2011, HotOS XII 2009, EuroSys 2009, ASPLOS 2009, NSDI 2007, HotOS XI 2007, HotNets-V 2006, NSDI 2006.

Member of the EuroSys Steering Committee and Chair of the Jochen Liedtke Young Researcher Award committee.  PC co-chair for Usenix ATC 2008.  Organiser of the SOSP Shadow PC in 2007 and the EuroSys 2010 Doctoral Workshop.