Rina Panigrahy

Rina Panigrahy

I am not longer with MICROSOFT RESEARCH, SILICON VALLEY. The MSR-SVC lab has been shut down on 9/18/2014.

I may be reached at rinapy@gmail.com


I am a researcher at Microsoft Research in Mountain View since Feb 07. I have worked on several topics ranging from engineering problems such as fast regular expression for worm detection in networks, distributed caching for content delivery networks to complexity of algorithms such as high dimensional search, hashing, sketching and streaming. I am particularly interested in algorithmic issues that arise in practice. In the past I was at Stanford  2004-2006, Cisco Systems (Engineer): 1998-2006, MIT  1995-1997, and IIT Bombay 1991-1995.

Email: rina at microsoft.com

Phone: 650-693-2886.  

Some other questions I have been interested in recently are:

  • Stock Prediction Algorithms
  • The Mind Grows Circuits.
  • Publications