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Roland Fernandez

Roland Fernandez

Roland works as a developer in the VIBE group of Microsoft Research. His areas of interest include visualization, animation, HCI, and theories of mind, behavior, learning, and development.

Before coming to MSR, he worked (at Microsoft and other companies) in the areas of Natural User Interfaces, Activity Based Computing, Advanced Prototyping, Programmer Tools, Operating Systems, and Databases.

  • Microsoft Research Data Visualization Apps for Office
    A set of embeddable apps that let Excel users experiment with new data visualizations against their own data.
  • What Designers Want
    A grounded theory study into the tools designers use for design and interactivity, what problems they run into, and what the need to improve their productivity.
  • PipeDream
    Visual designer for Mercury - PipeDream lets users build applets without programming using the Mercury library, property settings, and data and event flow between components.
  • TapGlance
    Designing a unified smart phone interface.
  • Mercury
    "Components for End Users" - Visualization, Data, and UI components that users can put together without needing to write code. Mercury comes with over 200 prebuilt components and hundreds of samples applets, including the Mercury IDE (shown here).
  • WIPDash
    A developer dashboard showing workitems and people.
  • VisAVis
    A visual language for spreadsheet visualizations.
  • AniTime
    A study in the effectiveness of animation in trend visualization
  • DynaVis
    Studying the effectiveness of animated transitions in charts and visualizations.
  • VuePlot
    An HTML5-based charting and data visualization library, container 30 plot types, animation, and interaction. Includes support for high data scalability using WebGL.
  • SandDance
    Natural, Dynamic, Data Visualization
  • WebCharts
    In order to use new visualizations, most toolkits require application developers to rebuild their applications and distribute new versions to users. The WebCharts Framework take a different approach by hosting Javascript from within an application and providing a standard data and events interchange.. In this way, applications can be extended dynamically, with a wide variety of visualizations
  • FASTDash
    A visual dashboard for project awareness in software teams.
  • GroupBanter
    GroupBanter is a prototoype extension to Windows Live Messager to enable people to have public conversations that other can view and join.

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