Ravi Ramamurthy

I am part of the Database group at Microsoft Research.

I work on cryptodatabaseology. My official title is researcher but cryptodatabaseologist may be more appropriate. In case you are not aware of these terms, here is the official definition from the Oxford English Dictionary.

cryp-to-database-ol-o-gy (noun): The art of building database systems :
1) that are performant but are not secure.
2) that are secure but are not performant.
3) in which performance and security peacefully co-exist in a zen like fashion as in CIPHERBASE .

Origins : 1560-72, generally attributed to Blaise de Vigenere . Popularized in the 1760s by Samuel Johnson in The Idler and firmly established in the 1930s by Greta Garbo who equally valued her privacy and the privacy of databases.

Related Forms : cryp-to-database-ol-o-gist (also noun, occasionally a past participle): A master of Savate and/or SQL. The adversary is assumed to be all powerful like superman and the cryptodatabaseologist is akin to woody allen in a batman suit.

© Oxford University Press.


A complete list of publications can be found on the DBLP web site.

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