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Patents Awarded
  • (2003) Compact disc having associated display, Harper, R, Molloy, M, & Rene, M, U.S. Patent 6,611,271 B2
  • (1999) Removable Media, such as a floppy disk or videocassette, having Associated Display, Xerox Corporation, Harper. R., Rene, M. & Molloy, M. U.S. Patent 5,389,945.
  • (1996) A Document Processing and Data Distribution System (“Docustrip: a combined paper and electronic interface for air traffic control flight progress strips”). Xerox Corporation, Harper, R. H. R. and Bentley, R. European Patent Application number 95307789.8-2210. UK Application Number GB9422012.6. Patent currently being sought in the USA and Japan.