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Keynote Addresses
  • (forthcoming) Switching on to switch off versus switching on to switch off: explorations n the problem of interactive systems design for ‘intelligent places’ , IEE International Workshop on Intelligent Environments, 28-29 th June, University of Essex.
  • (2003) “People versus Information: The Evolution of Mobile Technology Keynote address”, Mobile HCI: Italy, Sept.
  • (2003) “Are mobiles good for society?,” Keynote address for Mobile Communications: Social and Political Effects, Institute for Philosophical Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Westel Communications, April 24-5 th, Budapest.
  • (2002) Keynote address: “Mobility and Cooperative Systems: failures, successes and possibilities” Proceedings of COOP 2002, Saint Raphaël, France, 4-7 June.
  • (2002) UK Mail Summit, “The Future of Mail”, Kensington Hilton, March 12-13 th.
  • (2001) Keynote Address, Cap Ventures: Computer Peripherals Annual Conference. Amsterdam
  • (2001), Conference Endnote Address: “The Future of Paper as a Communications Medium” CEPI-COST Conference of the same title, Stockholme, Feb.