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Conference Presentations
  • (2004) 'The difficult Place: Issues in understanding home environments,' Workshop on Ethnography and Communications Media, University of Erfurt, December.
  • (2004), What is the role of communications channels in the 21st Century? Pitney Bowes, Stanford, Connecticut.
  • (2004) What are Workplace Studies, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
  • (2004) Why do we have so many communications channels, BBDO World Congress: Chelsea, London.
  • (2004) NEC: the PeopleFactor, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), January, Whitehall.
  • (2002) “Designing for Knowledge-Rich Workplaces”, Proceedings, 2 nd European Symposium on Digitized Command and Control, the Defence Academy, Shrivenhan, England, 13th-14th Nov.
  • (2000) Internet-Mobile Applications and Governance: Implications for Organisations, Proceedings of Conference on Internet-Mobile Applications and Governance, Centre for Tele-information, Technical University of Denmark, May 28th.
  • (2000) “The Future of Mobile Assets,” Proceedings of Digital Asset Management III (2000) Conference, Kensington Place Hotel, USC Annenburg Centre for Communications.
  • (1998) Bit3M Senior Managers Workshop, Bagshot, April 1998, “The Digital World Research Centre”, Bit3M and Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Stanford, CA.