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Pairu Chen

Pairu Chen

Pairu has been playing a role to assist her manager and the team in enforcing the best engineering practice in order to provide high-quality and customer-oriented deliverables since she joined Microsoft Research Asia in April 2009.

Before joining MSRA, Pairu had worked as a test lead in Microsoft IT Product Activation and Windows Genuine Advantage team in Redmond.

Some of the projects Pairu has been involved in MSRA include:


A robot was made to patrol automatically inside the work area after work. The techniques of ultrasonic sensor and BetterTogether were used. Automatic wireless charging was investigated via this project.

Microsoft Mood Board

This Windows application can be used to search/collect images, and sketch the combined results for project design brainstorms.


This project aims at providing Windows Store application developers a Windows 8 & Phone SDK that makes the phone connection and sensor/display/touch-screen leveraging smoother and easier.

Kinect Gesture Capturing

The Kinect/API is used to record motions; and then the recordings can be edited and trained to recognize motions.

Simple Power Saver

Face tracking technique is deployed here to turn off/on computer monitors for power saving.

Microsoft Academic Search

It is a search engine that can take queries related to authors/papers/domain key words and return the relevant detailed academic information.

Engkoo Dictionary

The English-Chinese dictionary (with web, desktop, and phone versions) has been used widely.

Microsoft Travel Guide

Via travelogue mining this application means to help travelers plan, enjoy, and share their trips.