Omer Reingold



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1602 Kamsack Drive
CA, 94087, US

Phone: +1 408 685 1623

I am a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley. My research is in Foundations of Computer Science, mainly in Computational Complexity and Foundations of Cryptography. Much of my research deals with Randomness, Derandomization and Explicit Combinatorial Constructions.

In 2004 I assumed a faculty position in the computer science department of The Weizmann Institute of Science. During the years 1999-2004, I was a member of AT&T Labs, Florham Park, NJ, and a visiting member of the School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ. Earlier, I completed my PhD and a short period of postdoctoral studies at the Weizmann Institute. My PhD advisor was Moni Naor. During the years 1991-1994, I completed my undergraduate studies at Tel-Aviv University. For more details please see my (hopefully not too outdated) CV.

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  • Sergey Novikov
  • Klim Efremenko
  • Tal Kramer
  • Michal Igell

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