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Nicholas Chen

Nicholas Chen

I recently joined Microsoft Research Cambridge as a Post-Doctoral Researcher in October 2012. I am also the Microsoft Fellow at Corpus Christi College for the next two years.

My primary research interest is in technologies that allow users to use multiple computing devices cooperatively to support complex tasks. The solutions I investigate include both hardware devices and software interaction techniques. An example of this approach is the multi-slate active reading system I built as part of my thesis research.

My current research proceeds on two tracks. At the lower level, I am investigating new sensing techniques so that devices have richer context awareness about other devices in the vicinity. At a high level, I am developing tools that leverage multiple devices to more completely support reading and writing tasks between multiple users (e.g. collaborative writing, review, discussion).

I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Maryland in 2012. While a grad student I split my time between the University of Maryland and Cornell University. My undergraduate degrees in EECS and History are from UC Berkeley.

Recent Publications