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Murat Akbacak

Murat Akbacak

Murat Akbacak is a senior scientist at Microsoft. Prior to joining speech group at Microsoft, Murat was with Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory at SRI International from 2006 to 2012. He earned his Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees, in 2009 and 2003 respectively, in Electrical Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder where he proposed Environmental Sniffing framework, a novel acoustic condition tracking approach, and applied to robust ASR and audio indexing/search in noisy and acoustically heterogeneous collections. During his PhD, he also proposed a novel approach that employs multilingual hybrid keyword representations during audio search in limited-resource languages. At SRI, he worked in several US government-funded projects including DARPA GALE, TRANSTAC, RATS, and IARPA ALADDIN and BEST. He was leading the keyword spotting effort under RATS project and the multimedia speech and audio processing effort under ALADDIN projects. His areas of expertise include multilingual and robust speech recognition and retrieval, language modeling, conversational understanding, acoustic condition tracking, acoustic event detection in multimedia recordings, dialect and language recognition, with the greatest impact being the introduction of robust and adaptive speech retrieval methods. He has authored over thirty peer-reviewed papers in these areas, and has been a continuous reviewer of all major speech processing conferences and journals since 2006. During his PhD, he founded the ISCA student branch, which has been very successful in engaging graduate students in ISCA activities. He was a local organizer at Spoken Language Technology (SLT) Workshop in Berkeley in 2010. He is co-chairing the same workshop taking place in South Lake Tahoe in 2014. He has been serving as Associate Editor for IEEE Signal Processing Society since 2014. He has been an Adjunct Professor at Electrical and Computer Science department UT Dallas and a PhD co-advisor at Stanford University since 2011.



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