Moises Goldszmidt




Microsoft Research Silicon Valley
e-mail: moises "at"
phone: (650) 693-3398
mail: 1065 La Avenida, Mountain View, CA, 94043 


I am fascinated with automatically building actionable models from data. I use methods and algorithms from machine learning, graphical models, Bayesian networks, statistics, decision analysis, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence. Besides making contributions to Bayesian Networks learning and classifiers, I have applied these extensively to the automated diagnosis, forecasting, and control of performance problems, faults, and power in large networked computer systems. I have recently shifted some of my attention to modeling certain aspects of social networks.

I joined the MSR Silicon Valley Lab in early 2006. Prior to Microsoft, I was at Hewlett-Packard Labs, SRI International, and Rockwell Science Center, and I was a principal scientist with Peakstone Corporation (start-up). I earned my PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of California in Los Angeles (1992).

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