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Michael Zyskowski

Michael Zyskowski

Michael Zyskowski is an Engineering Manager in Microsoft Research, leading a cross-discipline team of engineers in the evolution of research technologies into scalable, working solutions. He works with academic, industry and government/NGO collaborators to build partnerships and community ecosystems.

He is currently focused on eliminating the language barrier with Skype Translator.

Previous projects include SXSW Award Winning ChronoZoom, CodaLab (an open source platform for Machine Learning competitions and experimentation), Node Atlas (an iterative visual search interface for computational ecology), TryF#, Kinect Fusion, World Wide Telescope, Layerscape, Project Hawaii, .NET Bio, and Academic Search.

Prior to MSR, he was into real-time flight simulation in the consumer gaming and enterprise markets. Specifically, Mike spent many years as a developer for the core simulation engine inside Microsoft Flight Simulator, Combat Flight Simulator and ESP (Microsoft's Enterprise Simulation Platform, leveraging game technology towards commercially viable vehicle simulation and training).

He has always straddled the developer/program manager role, being responsible for multiple versions of the SDKs and taking an active role in the success of the developer communities. Titles don't mean that much to Mike, as he likes to wear multiple hats and play the role of architect, designer, manager and developer on every project he is a part of.

Prior to Microsoft he spent time at Boeing designing aircraft and evaluating aircraft accidents via reverse-kinematic analysis combined with 3d data visualization.

He holds a BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Kansas, where he was a NASA research scholar focusing on design and certification of experimental composite aircraft.

When not trying to make the world a better place, Mike enjoys building and flying airplanes, connecting with the outdoors, and spending time with his family...but not necessarily in that order.