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Michael Gamon

Short Bio:

- born in Saarbruecken, Germany
- grew up near Frankfurt, Germany
- 1990-91: Fulbright scholar at the University of Washington
- 1992: MA in linguistics, University of Washington
-1996: PhD in linguistics, University of Washington
- 1996: internship in the NLP group
- 1996: joined MS as German grammarian in the NLP group, writing the German grammar for NLPWin, still used in the German grammar checker in Office
- 1997-1998: working from the German MS sub in Unterschleissheim
- 1998 - 2014: member of the NLP group
- Since Feb 2014: member of the Knowledge and Language Team in



Research Interests:

  • Knowledge extraction and representation
  • Automatic detection of language errors
  • Sentiment and subjectivity detection
  • Analysis of social media (see our BLEWS project)
  • Modeling of linguistic properties (e.g. word order, language errors)
  • Text classification based on stylistic properties
  • Text representations beyond ngrams
  • Recent Publications

    Click here for a full list.



      • Kristina Toutanova, Danqi Chen, Patrick Pantel, Hoifung Poon, Pallavi Choudhury, and Michael Gamon, Representing Text for Joint Embedding of Text and Knowledge Bases, in Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP), ACL – Association for Computational Linguistics, 17 September 2015.
      • Helen J. Wang, Alexander Moshchuk, Michael Gamon, Mona Haraty, Shamsi Iqbal, Eli T. Brown, Ashish Kapoor, Chris Meek, Eric Chen, Yuan Tian, Jaime Teevan, Mary Czerwinski, and Susan Dumais, The Activity Platform, no. MSR-TR-2015-38, 8 May 2015.