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Research of Yi Ma

Areas of Interest:

My main research interest is in finding the most pertinent mathematical principles for analyzing and understanding high-dimensional sensorial data such as images, so that machines and human can make more intelligent decisions. The research endeavor has led me into the following specific areas.

Computer Vision Mathematics & Statistics Decision & Control
- Multiple-View Geometry - Image & Video Segmentation - Object Recognition & Detection - Algebraic Sets and Manifolds - Data Clustering & Classification - Sparse Representation - Vision-Based Decision & Control - Identification of Hybrid Systems - Autonomous Robot Navigation

A recent essay by me reflecting on the methodology for research: Warning Signs of Bogus Research Progresses.

Powerpoint slides from a recent talk by me on How to do Research.

Project Websites:

Funded Projects:

  • Federal:
  • Advances in the Theory and Practice of Low-Rank Matrix Recovery and Modeling (with Emmanuel Candes, sponsored by NSF).
  • Harnessing Sparse and Low-Dimensional Structures for Robust Clustering of Visual Data (sponsored by ONR).
  • SGER: Explorations of Robust Image Classification (sponsored by NSF-IIS).
  • PHYSNET: Physical Interaction Using the Internet (with Ruzena Bajcsy et. al., sponsored by NSF-HCC).
  • Control and Sensing under Limited Information (with Daniel Liberzon, sponsored by NSF-ECS).
  • Estimation of Hybrid Models as Algebraic Sets (with Robert Fossum, sponsored by NSF-CCF).
  • Estimation of Hybrid Models in Computer Vision (sponsored by ONR).
  • Identification of Hybrid Dynamical Systems (with Rene Vidal, sponsored by NSF-EHS).
  • Identifying Spatial and Dynamical Patterns from Images (sponsored by NSF-IIS).
  • University:

  • DARPA Urban Challenge (sponsored by the University of Illinois and others).
  • Geometry and Algebra in Computer Vision, RAP Program (sponsored by Math Department, the University of Illinois).
  • Vision-Based Control (sponsored by the University of Illinois Research Board).
  • Industry:

  • Microsoft Research Fellowship (sponsored by the Microsoft Live Lab.).