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Matt Uyttendaele

Director, Computational Photography Group

Microsoft Research 



For the most up-to-date information on my projects, see my

Microsoft Hyperlapse. Create smooth, stabilized, time-lapse videos from your action camera, Windows Phone, or Android Phone. See my Wired Magazine interview for additional info.   


Image Watch. A "watch" window for debugging image processing and computer vision software. Great for debugging your OpenCV applications.

Seattle Gigapixel ArtZoom. I directed the capture and production of a 20Gigapixel image of Seattle that featured many different artists from the city. See my interview with a local television station about the project here:   


The BLINK family of apps. A collection of apps for Windows and Windows Phone that allow users to create and share animated images. The results can be shared to, Facebook, Twitter, or by email.

BLINK. A free app for Windows Phone. BLINK captures a burst of images, starting before you even press the shutter, and continues to capture pictures after you've taken your shot. So, it’s no problem if you press the shutter a few seconds too early or too late. Get it in the Windows Phone Store.   BLINK 


Cliplets. Juxtaposing Still and Dynamic Imagery. An application to easily create sublty animated photographs like the one to the left. Download it from our project page

The Photosynth App. A free app for Windows Phone or the iPhone that lets users create immersive panoramic pictures directly on their phones. The New York Times called it one of 2011's best Apps. Get it from the Windows Phone Store or the iOS app store.  


Clear 30 project with Bing Maps. A uniform map of the continental United States and Europe with unprecedented (30 centimeter) resolution.  Forbes says "massive points to Microsoft on this".

My team created the Photofuse feature in Windows Live Photo Gallery.  This technology allows you to take the best parts of multiple photos to combine them into one “perfect” photo.  Techcrunch calls it fascinating stuff.


Photosynth screen shot  An online photo sharing web site that lets users reconstruct 3D spaces from a collection of photos.  See my favorites from the community of photosynthers here.

Image Composite Editor (ICE).  A simple yet powerful program for creating panoramic photographs.  Please download it now (it's free) from the project page and give it a try.  Also, follow ICE on Twitter.

HD View.  A web browser plug-in for viewing super-high-resolution photos over the Internet.  HD View allows images to be shared over the web with no limits on dimensions, color, or exposure range.  See HD View in action on this 26 GigaPixel image of Paris, France.

Windows Live Photo Gallery. My group provides the image stitching technology for Windows Live Photo Gallery. A Microsoft television commercial showcasing the technology is available here.  

tunnel view 


Yosemite Extreme Panorama Project.  I was one of many photographers that helped shoot a super high resolution image of the Yosemite Valley.  For more info, see my blog post about the project. 



MSNBC Rising From Ruin.  I was the principal videographer for the 360-degree video tour chronicling the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in the coastal towns of Mississippi.



Labybug Camera. My group collaborated with Point Grey Research to build the first 360- degree Ladybug cameras, which have subsequently been used in many university and industry projects.




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