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Mao Yang

Mao Yang


I (Mao Yang, 杨懋) received my Ph.D degree in computer science from Beijing University, China, in 2006, before received the B.S., M.S. in computer science from Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, in 2000, and 2002. Since 2006, I has been with Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, as a Researcher in the System Research Group.

Research Interests

My research interests are in distributed system, information retrieval system, and multimedia system, especially for design, implement and deploy practical systems.

I am also an architect, and worked on the following projects at Microsoft BING team:

    • The design and implementation of Cougar, a new ranking system for supporting the-state-of-art semantic ranking models. The system starts to serve all web queries from 2013.
    • The design and implementation of Tiger, a new generation flash memory based index serving platform, and the system starts to serve all web queries from 2012.
    • The design and implementation of replication and fail over protocol of Kirin, a new web store and processing system, and the system starts to process many billions of web data from 2010.

My current focus are on the new generation search engine for universal data across the internet and new class of relevance algorithms.

My research interests are:

    • TLA Made Live: a formal method to build distributed systems.

and protocols for distributed systems:

    • The design and implementation of a large scale distributed storage system prototype PacificA with Wei Lin, Lintao Zhang and Lidong Zhou.
    • Reconfiguration protocol for a paxos based replication state machine library.

Before join Microsoft, My major works are:

    • Maze with Hua Chen (陈华) - The biggest P2P file sharing system in CERNET.
    • Real time DV25/h.264 decoders in ADI Blackfin chips.
    • An efficient compression algorithm for face images.


  • Microsoft Research Asia, Building 2, No. 5 Danling Street, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R. China 100080
  • Phone: +86-10-59173470
  • Email: