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Mark Finch

Img from GPU Gems


Senior Research SDE in the Graphics Group

E-mail address

Internal: http://msrweb/~mafinch 

Graphics is about making imagination real.

Some Interesting Past Projects:

Kodu - Working with a small tight team to put together something between a game, a learning experience, and a creative outlet. The PC version is (currently) free, but go ahead and shell out the $5US for the 360 version. It's worth it.

Rock Band - Visual effects work for Rock Band. I'm especially proud of the volumetric light show effects, and the postprocessing in general. Desaturation, posterizing, film grain, 3:2 pulldown, etc. I don't like to admit that I also did the graphics port to the PS3, but I will if pressed. I also worked on the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero 2. The Harmonix venue art team was the best group of artists I've ever worked with, and I've worked with some fine artists.

Zoo Tycoon 2 - I came into Blue Fang and the Zoo Tycoon for the first expansion pack, Endangered Species, which was mostly performance work on the engine. I did have a lot of fun doing the water effects for Marine Mania.

Real Flight G3 - Very interesting use of technology. A small group down in Oregon doing radio control (RC) airplane training software for the PC. Add a USB controller that looks and feels like an RC controller, mix in some cutting edge video game technology, jack the price up to $200, and you've got a product that is very cost effective for the consumer (those RC planes are not cheap, and they are easy to crash) and highly profitable for the makers. Could be the most successful use of game technology for a non-gaming application that I've ever seen.

Uru/Uru Live/Real Myst - The days at Cyan Worlds. We really did some great work, and pushed the edge out a bit. Oh well.

NetImmerse/Gamebryo - Working at Numerical Designs Ltd (NDL) was an incredible experience. It was a great time to be in the graphics business, especially the real time end of it. And it was amazing the people I got to work with there.

Nichols Research Corporation - Before moving to real-time graphics and electronic entertainment, I was in SDI research (remember the Star Wars Program?). I got to work with some very interesting and bright people, as well as some quite interesting projects. All set on the beaches of north Florida.

Recent/Ongoing Externally Visible Projects:

Automated Video Looping   
Foveated 3D Graphics   
Antialiasing Recovery  
Freeform Vector Graphics  


M.S. Computer Science from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, working as a graduate research assistant on the Nanomanipulator Project, a virtual reality interface for scanning tunnel microscopy.

B.S. Physics from Georgia Institute of Technology (With Highest Honors)

National Merit Scholar

Images of Kodu

Cool Effects 
 Cool Interactions

Images at Random

Rock Band

Zoo Tycoon 2


Uru: Ages Beyond Myst