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Lijuan Wang

Lijuan Wang

Research Interests

Deep learning, statistical modeling algorithms applied for OCR, online/offline handwriting recognition, scene text extraction, avatar (talking head) synthesis, speech recognition and synthesis

Honors & Awards

  • The 3D Photo-Real talking head project won “Demo of the Year”@2011 in MSRA, which is also shown at Craig Mundie’s Techforum 2011, Techfest 2011 (including public day), Exec Retreat 2011, MGX 2011, with great press coverage (MSNBC, PCWorld, CNET, The Seattle Times, etc.).
  • Dictionary Talking Head is selected as MSR highlighted 18 “tech transfers” (e.g. significant product impact) of 2010 from the worldwide labs (reported by PCWorld).
  • The Photo-Real talking head project won NO.1 in Audio-Visual consistency test in LIPS Challenge 2009, an international audio/visual lips rendering contest held in the AVSP Workshop.

Patents (9 US patents filed)

  • Lijuan Wang, Frank Soong, “Photo-Realistic Synthesis Of Image Sequences With Lip Movements Synchronized With Speech,” MS# 332363.01 filed on 5/2/2011
  • Lijuan Wang, Frank Soong, Qiang Huo, Zhengyou Zhang, “Photo-Realistic Synthesis Of Three Dimensional Animation With Facial Features Synchronized With Speech,” MS# 332364.01 filed on 5/3/2011
  • Weijiang Xu, Lijuan Wang, Frank Soong, Matt Scott, Hao Wei, Gang Chen, “Talking Teacher Visualization For Language Learning,” MS# 331795.01 filed on 4/29/2011
  • Ning Xu, Lijuan Wang, Frank Soong, Qi Luo, Xiao Liang, Xin Zou, “Real-Time Animation For An Expressive Avatar,” MS# 330686.01 filed on 11/19/2010
  • Lijuan Wang, Frank Soong, “Minimum Converted Trajectory Error (MCTE) Audio-To-Video Engine,” MS# 330541.01 filed on 11/4/2010
  • Lijuan Wang, Lei Ma, Frank Soong, "Speech and Text Driven HMM-Based Body Animation Synthesis", US Patent, MS#323429.01 filed on 9/30/2008
  • Lijuan Wang and Frank Soong, “Handwriting-based user interface for efficient correction of speech recognition errors”, US Patent, MS#322503.01 filed on 3/28/2008
  • Lijuan Wang, Frank Soong, “Template Constrained Generalized Posterior Probability”, US Patent, MS#320667.01 filed on 10/10/2007
  • Yong Zhao, Frank Soong, Min Chu, Lijuan Wang, “Iterative Unit Selection For Speech Synthesis”, US Patent, MS#321400.01 filed on 8/25/2007