Luong Hoang

Luong Hoang

My name is Luong (Louie) Hoang. I am a Research Software Design Engineer at Microsoft Research - New England lab (for more details about our lab, please see here). Prior to joining MSR, I spent some time helping to build the kernel for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

At MSR-NE, I have worked mainly on Computer Vision systems, more specifically Image Recognition and Classification. Some of my work in this area (in cooperation with others) include:

  • Fast High-Quality Optical Flow (motion estimation in video or image sequence) with Ce Liu & Simon Baker.
  • Sub-Real-Time Video De-Noising on GPU (noise removal and quality enhancement) with Ce Liu & Jiawen (Kevin) Chen.
  • Large-Scale Facial Recognition with Ce Liu.

Some other projects/activities that I've been involved with:

On a personal note, I'm currently also a graduate student at MIT studying Computer Science. Aside from Computer Vision, my general interests are in Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing. I am especially passionate about transforming new ideas into better and more intelligent software applications. For work outside of MSR, please see my project page which has more details on both personal and academic projects.