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Research Demo

Yong Jae Lee (U. of Texas, Austin), Larry Zitnick, Michael Cohen

Do you want to be able to sketch or draw better? ShadowDraw is an interactive assistant for freehand drawing. It automatically recognizes what you’re trying to draw and suggests new pen strokes for you to trace. As you draw new strokes, ShadowDraw  refines its models in real time and provides new suggestions. ShadowDraw contains a large database of images with objects that a user might want to draw. The edges from any images that match the user’s current drawing are merged and shown as suggested "shadow strokes." The user then can trace these strokes to improve the drawing. More info.

Paper (3.3MB)

Paper Video (69MB) (YouTube)

Video on Channel 9: Techfest 2011 interview


Video on Channel 9:  Techfest 2011 interview