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Kun Tan

I am now managing the Wireless and Networking Group at MSR Asia. I am recently working in datacenter networking. In the past, I have been working in various areas in the networking field.  Previously, I designed the Compound TCP protocol, which is in latest Windows Operating Systems. I also led the development of Sora, a high-speed software radio platform based on general purpose multi-core processor. I have broad interests in networking, data communication and wireless technologies. You can find a short bio of me here.

Wireless and Networking Group is HIRING! We have openings for Researcher positions and Engineers. If you are passionate in networking technology, please apply by sending me your CV!

We also have research intern opens. If you are a self-motivated student and want to work on wireless networking research, please also contact me via email.

Recent publications (selected)
Click here for a full publication list.

Email: kuntan (at) microsoft (dot) com
Phone: +86-10-59173120 (Office)

What's new

Recent external activities

  • TPC member, ACM SIGCOMM 2011,2013~2015
  • TPC member, ACM HotNets, 2015

  • TPC co-chair, SIRF 2013, joint workshop with SIGCOMM 2013

  • TPC member, ACM Mobicom 2009~2013
  • TPC Lead, IEEE SECON 2013
  • TPC member, USENIX NSDI 2012
  • TPC member, IEEE SECON 2011
  • TPC member, IEEE DySPAN 2011, 2012
  • TPC member, ACM Mobihoc 2009, 2010
  • TPC member, WoWMoM 2010
  • Publicity co-chair, IEEE SECON 2010
  • TPC co-chair, MobiArch '09