Ramakrishna Kotla

Ramakrishna Kotla


Ramakrishna Kotla's research interests include distributed systems, operating systems, storage systems, and security.  

He is currently working on cloud computing issues, broadly, with a specific focus on providing better isolation across VMs and supporting a broad range of consistency models in the cloud storage.  In the past, he led the Pasture project, where commodity trusted hardware is used to provide secure offline data access in mobile devices. He co-founded Zyzzyva (high-performance Byzantine replication library) and SafeStore (durable storage system in the cloud) projects for his PhD dissertation, which he did under the supervision of Mike Dahlin at the Universty of Texas at Austin. He received B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur. 

He enjoys building systems and his code runs in Windows OS and also in other open source projects. His publications include award papers at SOSP, USENIX ATC, and IWLS, and invited journal articles in TOCS and CACM.



  • Pileus:  Consistency-Based Service Level Agreements for Cloud Storage. SOSP 2013.
  • Pasture: Secure Offline Data Access using Commodity Trusted Hardware.  OSDI 2012.  
  • Zyzzyva: Speculative Byzantine Fault Tolerance.  Best paper award at SOSP 2007. Download the source code here.  Featured in Research highlights section of CACM (intro by Barbara Liskov).
  • SafeStore: Durable and Practical Storage system (in the Cloud).  Best paper award at Usenix ATC 2007.

Professional Service

  • 2014: OSDI (external PC)
  • 2013: LADIS (PC), SOSP (Publicity chair)
  • 2012: OSDI (external PC)
  • 2011: SOSP (Workshop co-chair)
  • 2010: APSys (Founding PC Co-chair), WRAITS (PC)
Selected publications