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Selected Areas in Cryptography 2013, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer 2014. Co-edited with Tanja Lange and Petr Lisonek.

WIN--Women in Numbers: Research Directions in Number Theory, Fields Institute Communications Series, Volume 60 (2011).  Co-edited with Alina-Carmen Cojocaru, Rachel Pries, Renate Scheidler.

Computational Arithmetic Geometry. AMS Contemporary Mathematics Series, volume 463 (2008).  Co-edited with Ken Ribet.

Topics in Algebraic and Noncommutative Geometry, Proceedings of the Conferences in memory of Ruth Michler. AMS Contemporary Mathematics Series, volume 324 (2003) . Co-edited with Caroline Grant Melles, Jean-Paul Brasselet, Gary Kennedy, Lee McEwan.

Articles by area:


Arithmetic Geometry

Cryptographic implementation improvements

Algorithmic number theory

Number of points on curves over finite fields