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Aman Kansal

Aman Kansal

Sensing and Energy Research Group 

address: Microsoft Research, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052
ph: 425-707-6931, fax: 425-936-7329
email: kansal (at) microsoft com

Research Areas: Cloud Computing, Energy Efficient Computing, Virtualization, Mobile Computing, Wireless Systems, Internet-scale Sensor Networks, Server Engineering, Flash Storage, Computer Networks.

Projects: Mobile Computing





    Past Interns

    Name  Project 
    Alan Roytman (UCLA)  Virtual Machine Consolidation [ICAC 2013]

    Andreas Krause (CMU), now faculty at CalTech

    Community Sensing [IPSN 2008
    Arka Bhattacharya (IIT Kharagpur), (UC Berkeley)

    Virtual Machine Energy Metering [SOCC 2010],

    Data center power budgeting with performance control [IGCC 2012]

    Arsalan Tavakoli (Berkeley)  Online Sensing Task Optimization [IPSN 2010
    Christina Delimitrou (Stanford), co-mentored with Kushagra Vaid and Sriram Sankar  

    Storage Workload Modeling and Consolidation,

    Data Center Network Workload Modeling [IISWC 2012]

    Di Wang (Penn State)  Data center power characterization [Sigmetrics 2013] [IISWC 2013 Best Paper]
    Harold Lim (Duke)  Power Budgeting for Virtualized Data Centers [USENIX 2011
    Jihoon Ryoo (Korea University)  Mobile Context Sensing 
    Kaisen Lin (UCSD) Energy-Accuracy Aware Mobile Location [Mobisys 2010]
    Leonardo Oliviera (Unicamp)  Secure Tiny Web Services [IPSN 2009]    
    Moo-Ryong Ra (USC), co mentored with Bodhi Priyantha  Multi-processor sensing [Ubicomp 2012
    Nupur Kothari (USC) Fine-grained Power Modelling [SOCC 2010]
    Radhika Mittal (IIT Kharagpur)  Mobile Application Energy Emulation [Mobicom 2012
    Shekhar Srikantaiah (Penn State)  Energy-aware Workload Consolidation [Hotpower 2008
    Sriram Govindan, (Penn State), co-mentored with Jie Liu Virtual Machine Interference [SOCC 2011]
    Sai-Prashanth Soundaraj (IIT Kharagpur), co-mentored with Suman Nath Flash Storage 
    Tingxin Yan (U Massachusetts), co-mentored with David Chu  Fast App pre-launching [Mobisys 2012
    Weiwei Xiong (UIUC, UCSD)  Energy Efficient Dryad [IEEE Data Engg]  
    Xuan Bao (Duke University)  Rainier: Multi-phone collaborative sensing applications [Ubicomp 2012]  


    Professional Contributions

    Awards and Honors

    • Best Paper Award, IEEE International Symposium on Workload Characterization 2013 [Paper]
    • Microsoft Gold Star Award, awarded by Microsoft Corporation for contribution to green and energy efficient computing products.
    • Microsoft Golden Volcano Award, awarded by Microsoft Corporation for contributions to mobile location and context sensing.
    • Edward K Rice Outstanding PhD Award, awarded by UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University of California Los Angeles.
    • ACM International Symposium on Low Power Electronic Design (ISLPED) 2005 Low Power Design Contest Award.
    • Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor, UCLA-NSF Center for Embedded Networked Sensing 2003 Undergraduate Research Experience.
    • First Prize, BzzWings - Entrepreneurship Competition, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore, 2002.
    • Innovation Award, at IEEE Computer Society International Design Competition 2001, Washington DC.