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Katja Hofmann

Katja Hofmann

I am a researcher at the Machine Learning and Perception group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. I am the research lead of Project Malmo, where we explore how to develop artificial intelligence that learns to interact with complex (3D) environments. This research builds on the Malmo platform - an AI experimentation platform that we build on top of the popular computer game Minecraft.

Outside of Project Malmo, I work on online evaluation and interactive learning for information retrieval. This means that I try to understand how we can apply machine learning an artificial intelligence to develop more intelligent (search) systems.

Before joining Microsoft Research, I completed my PhD in the ILPS group at the University of Amsterdam, under the supervision of Maarten de Rijke and Shimon Whiteson. My thesis on Fast and Reliable Online Learning to Rank in Information Retrieval can be downloaded from my personal homepage.

Recent Publications

For a list of my publications before joining MSR, please see the ILPS (Information and Language Processing Systems) list of publications, MSR Academic, or dblp.