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Jorgen Thelin

Jorgen Thelin

Twitter: @JorgenThelin

LinkedIn: Jorgen Thelin

GitHub: JThelin

  • Mobius - C# Language Bindings for Apache Spark
    Mobius (formerly known as Spark-CLR) is an cross-company open source project to provide C# language bindings for Apache Spark, which is a cluster computing framework built around the core programming abstractions of Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs), a logical collection of data partitioned across machines, and Discretized Streams (DStreams), a temporal sequence of RDDs.
  • DSoAP - Distributed Social Analytics Platform
    The Distributed Social Analytics Platform (DSoAP) project is focused on the “Huge Data” problem in social policy research caused by the breadth of data involved. Using aggregate social media data to investigate and validate social issues such as employment, health and fiscal policy requires analyzing many months or years of data. DSoAP is applying intelligent compaction, pre-indexing and distribution of data across a server cluster to achieve responsive query times for online data exploration.
  • Horton - Querying Large Distributed Graphs
    Horton is a research project in the eXtreme Computing Group to enable querying large distributed graphs. It consists of a graph library built on top on Orleans that targets hosting large graphs in a data center. The library provides a querying interface to search the graph for matching paths.
  • Orleans - Virtual Actors
    Orleans is a software framework for building client + cloud applications. Orleans encourages use of simple concurrency patterns that are easy to understand and implement correctly, building on an actor-like model with declarative specification of persistence, replication, and consistency and using lightweight transactions to support the development of reliable and scalable client + cloud software.