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John Platt

Welcome to my home page! I'm a Distinguished Scientist here in Microsoft Research, where I am also the Deputy Director of the Redmond lab. I help oversee the following groups:

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Research interests

My research is focused on helping people become more effective through the use of machine learning. Part of my research is improving the data/human interface, which includes projects such as:

  • Trill: an engine for high-performance in-memory streaming computations.
  • Sho: a system for scientific computing on top of .NET

Another part of my research is into systems that automatically create representations for data, including:


I've been a researcher at Microsoft Research since 1997, where I led the Statistical Media Processing project, and then the Knowledge Tools group. Before Microsoft, I was Director of Research at Synaptics. I received my Ph.D. from Caltech in 1989, where I studied both computer graphics and machine learning.

In 2006, I received a Technical Academy Award for my research in simulating cloth and other stretchy material for computer graphics.

Other information

Recent publications

Sorted by topic, then by date

Data/Human interface

Learning representations of data

Machine learning for visual object recognition

Intelligent signal processing

Please see the Statistical Media Processing project page for other, older papers.

Productivity tools based on machine learning

Improved user interface for media

Please see the Audio Fingerprinting, AutoDJ, and AutoAlbum project pages.


Please see the ClearType project page.

Support Vector Machines & Large Margin Learning

Please see the Support Vector Machine project page.