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Jason Mackay

Jason Mackay

I am a software developer in the eXtreme Computing Group at Microsoft Research Redmond. My team focuses on protyping and research projects in the field of computer security, including policy languages and credentials, software and hardware based systems security, and cryptography. My past projects include work on the design and implementation of the SecPAL policy language, and research into applications of abductive analysis techniques for logic-based policy languages. Additionaly I worked on Parsec, an experimental system using virtual machines as security isolation boundaries, hardware and virtualized TPM's for code attestation, and SecPAL for system-wide remotely configurable authorization policies. The SecPAL for Azure project focused on integrating SecPAL authentication and authorization into Azure's cloud based blob store allowing fine-grained delegation and distributed management of permissions, as well as the extension of the SecPAL system to include fully anonymous credentials using Groth-Sahai based zero-knowledge proofs.

I also have a keen interest in machine learning!