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Jiaxing Zhang




System Algorithms Research Group

Microsoft Research Asia, Microsoft Corporation


BJW-2/12442, No. 5, Dan Ling Street
Haidian District, Beijing
China, 100080

phone (+86-10) 5917-5516





Jiaxing Zhang is a Researcher in the System Algorithms Research Group (SysAlgo) at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA). Before joining SysAlgo, he was a member of System Research Group at MSRA. Before that, he worked in Bing Search Infrastructure Team at Microsoft (Beijing) and Portal Search Group at Baidu.

Jiaxing Zhang's research interests are in machine learning (deep learning), distributed systems (distributed key-value store and data-parallel computation), compressive sensing. He has a particular focus on algorithmic and mathematical approaches in all these areas. He also has rich practical experience of designing and building big distributed systems. He obtained his PhD in 2006 from Peking University in the area of Computational Quantum Physics. His research is documented in about 20 research papers in the areas including Condensed Matter Physics, Systems, Machine Learning.