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Peli de Halleux

Peli de Halleux

What Peli does

Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux is actively working on TouchDevelop and Code Hunt. In the past, Peli worked on Moles (shipped as Fakes in Visual Studio 2012), rise4fun, Pex and Code Digger. Every morning, Peli teaches mobile computer science at his local high school.

Brief Bio

Peli joined the Foundations for Software Engineering in October 2006. Peli worked in the CLR as a SDET in charge of the Just In Time compiler (2004-2006). Before joining Microsoft, Peli earned a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the Catholic University of Louvain (2000-2004).

Peli, that's not a name!

Peli is a nickname that comes from Pelican. His parents gave it to him when he was about two or so months old. They could not really remember how or why but it’s stuck since then. [more...]


Peli teaches computer science at Rainier Beach High School every morning, as part of the TEALS program. Peli had the chance to be featured in an article of the New York Times about TEALS. In collaboration with Michael Braun at Rainier Beach, Peli co-organized AppDay, a high school event where 900 students enjoyed coding for a day. Read the GeekWire article. (2013)

Geek of the Week

 Peli was selected twice as geek of the week. Not sure if this a good sign but you can read about it here and here.

Old Personal Projects