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Jeremy Elson

Jeremy Elson

I am a researcher working in the Distributed Systems and Security group at Microsoft Research, which is part of the larger Systems and Networking research area.  I have a BS from Johns Hopkins University (1996), an MS from the University of Southern California (2000) and a Ph.D. from UCLA (2003).  I've worked at MSR since 2004.

My Ph.D. was in the area of Sensor Networks, with my advisor Prof. Deborah Estrin.  I continued to work in this area for a couple of years after getting my degree, and initially joined MSR's Networked Embedded Computing group.  I moved into my current group as my interests shifted back towards more Internet-centric distributed systems.

There's more information available on my personal web page.

I can be emailed at jelson at the domain

Current and Recent Projects

The Utility CoProcessor: Harness the power of massively parallel computing at timescales (10 seconds) previously not possible for general-purpose programs.

Asirra: A Human Interactive Proof (CAPTCHA) that asks users to prove they are human by identifying photos of cats and dogs -- made possible by our unique partnership with

XAX: Safely run x86-native code as a browser extension, using "PicoProcesses" -- a micro-virtualization framework.

MapCruncher: Easily create scalable map overlays for Virtual Earth using your own maps. 

Recent Publications

Older Publications

My personal Publications Page has publications from my graduate student days.