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Judith Bishop

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Judith Bishop is Director of Computer Science in Microsoft Research Connections, based in Redmond, USA. Her research expertise is in programming languages and distributed systems, with a strong practical bias and interest in compilers and design patterns. She has 100 research publications and has written or edited 15 books on programming languages that are available in six languages and read worldwide. She has presented many keynotes and tutorials and serves frequently on international editorial, programme committees, review boards, and award panels. She joins a team of research managers in her role to create strong links between Microsoft’s research groups and universities globally, through encouraging projects, supporting conferences and engaging directly in research. Her goal and passion is to clearly demonstrate the effectiveness and applicability of open technologies to computer science research and teaching today.

After completing her degrees at Rhodes and Natal in South Africa, Judith received her PhD from the University of Southampton, UK, in 1977 on the relationship of languages to computer architecture. Then followed a distinguished career in academia, most recently as a professor at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. She has had visiting professor positions in the UK, Germany, Canada, Italy and the USA.

Judith has received numerous awards and distinctions, in particular the IFIP Outstanding Service Award in 2009 and the IFIP Silver Core Award 2006 for service to the worldwide computer science community, the Computer Society Fellowship Award in 2008, the South African DTI Award for Distinguished Woman Scientist of the Year for Innovation 2005, one of 100 Leading Mind Awards from her University in its Centenary Year 2008 and the Distinguished Alumna Award in 2011. She is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and the Royal Society of South Africa.


  • Keynote at 30th In'tl Conf. on Software Maintenance and Evolution, Software evolution- can abstraction be the key? Victoria BC,October 1-3, 2014
  • Keynote at IDA-30, University of Linkoping, Devices and Services are the New Hardware and Software, September 24, 2013, and at University of Waterloo, Canada, and ESOCC Malaga
  • SAICSIT 2012, Pretoria, South Africa, October, 1-3, 2012, Computer Societies - What, why and how
  • Informatics Europe, Computer Science Summit, Milan, Italy, November 7-9, 2012, Challenges for technology transfer from industry to academia
  • 17th Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference, Sydney, 30 November – 3 December 2010, The Data Deluge - How Software Engineering can Help,
  • 6th International Conference on Predictive Models in Software Engineering, September 12-13, Overcoming scale and privacy issues in industrial software studies and repositories,
  • 14th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering, CSMR, March 15-18, Madrid, Maintaining software in the billions (pdf)
  • Fantastic Lectures in Computer Science at Bryn Mawr, The Hot Under the Cool - Programs, Patterns and Performance, March 26

Recent Confernce Organization

  1. SER&IP 2015 Workshop at ICSE 2015 (proposed) Co-chair
  2. Games in Software Engineering (GAS) Workshop at ICSE 2015 (proposed) Co-chair
  3. 2nd International Conference, MobileSoft 2014, Florence Italy, Finance Chair
  4. 1st International Conference, MobileSoft 2014, Hyderabad, India, Co-Chair
  5. 2013 FSE-NIER 2013, ESOCC 2013, HILT 2013, PPPJ 2013, SAC-PL 2013, MobileDeli 2013, SC 2013
  6. Co-chair, Data Driven Programming Workshop, at POPL 2014, January 22-24, San Diego USA
  7. Co-chair, ProMoTo, Workshop on Mobile and Touch, OOPSLA/SPLASH, October 27, 2013, Indiannapolis, USA
  8. MobileDeli 2013 Workshop on Mobile Development Lifecycle, OOPSLA/SPLASH, October 28, 2013, Indiannapolis, USA
  9. Foundations of Software Engineering - New Ideas and Emerging Results Track, November 11-16, 2013, Cary, USA
  10. ACM High Integrity Language Technology Conference, November 10-14, 2013 Pittsburgh, USA
  11. Principles and Practice of Programming in Java, September 11-13, 2013, Stuttgart, Germany
  12. Co-chair, Future of Software Engineering Symposium, July 18, 2013, Redmond, USA
  13. Co-Program Chair, European Service Oriented and Cloud Computing Conference, Industrial Track, September 11-13, 2013, Malaga, Spain
  14. Co-Chair, Data Driven Functional Programming Workshop, at POPL, January 22, 2013, Rome, 2013
  15. Programming for the Semantic Web, Workshop, at ISWC, November 11-15, Boston 2012
  16. Co-Program Chair, Microsoft Research Faculty Summit, Redmond USA, July 15-17, 2012
  17. Co-Program Chair, Cloud Futures Workshop, Berkeley USA, May 7-8, 2012
  18. ACM SIGSoft 20th Conference on Foundations of Software Engineering New Ideas and Emerging Results Track, Research Triangle, North Carolina, USA, 20-17 November, 2012
  19. 26th Symposium on Applied Computing, Programming Languages Track, Riva del Garda, Trentino, Italy, 25 29 March 2012

Editorial Boards


  • Fellow of British Computer Society | Royal Society of South Africa | Computer Society of South Africa | South African Institute of Computer Scientists
  • Council member of the South African Institute of Computer Scientists
  • Member: IFIP WG2.4 | ACM | IEEE Computer Society | Academy of Science of South Africa

Distinctions and Awards

2011 Computer Pioneer Award from the South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists (SAICSIT)
2011 Distinguished Old Rhodian (Alumna) Award, from Rhodes University, South Africa
2010 Honorary Professor, University of Cape Town
2010 Recognition of Service Award for the Contributions to the ACM as Chair of ICSE 2010
2009 IFIP Outstanding Service Award
2009 Re-award as a Univ. Pretoria Exceptional Academic Achiever, 2009-2011
2008 Fellowship Award of the South African Computer Society
2008 One of the University of Pretoria’s 100 Leading Minds for the Centenary Year
2007 Supervisor of Li Chang Johnny Lo, winner of the S2A3 Bronze Medal for 2007
2007 NRF Rating B2 (since 1996 - there are no A-rated computer scientists yet)
2005 SA’s DST’s Distinguished Woman in Science for Innovation
2005 Exceptional Academic Achiever, University of Pretoria for 2006-2008
2004 IFIP Silver Core Medal
2004 Humboldt Scholarship Award 2004 (with Prof Kurt Geihs)
2003 DAAD Fellowship to Germany, 2003
2002 Three competitive Microsoft RFP Awards, 2002-2004

Recent Books

Judith is the author and co-author of 15 monographs and text books, used worldwide, and translated into German, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian. She is also editor of two conference proceedings published as books.

  1. Nigel Horspool, Judith Bishop, Arjmand Samuel, Nikolai Tillmann, Michal Moskal, Jonathan de Halleux, Manuel Faehndrich, Touch Develop - Programming on the Go, Microsoft Research Book,
  2. Judith Bishop: C# 3.0 Design Patterns , O'Reilly, ISBN 0-596-52773-X, January 2008. Companion Website at
  3. Bishop, Judith and Horspool Nigel, C# Concisely, Addison Wesley, UK, ISBN 0-321-15418-5, , pp442 2004, Russian: ISBN 5-94774-211-X ,2005, pp 472. Companion Website at
  4. Bishop Judith (ed) Component Deployment CD'02, Proc. IFIP/ACM Working Conference, CD 2002, Berlin, Germany, June 2002, Springer Verlag LNCS 2370, ISBN 3-540-43847-5, pp 270
  5. Bishop, Judith Java Gently 3rd edition, Addison-Wesley, Harlow, UK, ISBN 0-201-71050-1 pp664, 2001, German as Java lernen 3, Addison-Wesley Verlag, Munich, ISBN 2-8273-1794-0, 2001 pp752, Russian: ISBN 5-318-00741-4 ,2002, pp 589
  6. Bishop, Judith and Bishop, Nigel, Java Gently for Engineers and Scientists, Addison-Wesley, Harlow, UK, pp436, ISBN 0-201-34304-5, 2000, reprinted

Recent Publications

  1. Nikolai Tillmann, Jonathan de Halleux, Tao Xie, and Judith Bishop, Constructing Coding Duels in Pex4Fun and Code Hunt (Tool Demo), ISSTA, July 2014 (to appear)
  2. Nikolai Tillmann, Michal Moskal, Jonathan de Halleux, Sebastian Burckhardt, Thomas Ball, Judith Bishop: TouchDevelop: create rich mobile apps on touch devices (tutorial). MOBILESoft 2014: 1-2
  3. Nikolai Tillmann, Judith Bishop, R. Nigel Horspool, Daniel Perelman, Tao Xie: Code Hunt: searching for secret code for fun. SBST 2014: 23-26
  4. Nikolai Tillmann, Jonathan de Halleux, Tao Xie, Judith Bishop: Constructing coding duels in Pex4Fun and Code Hunt. ISSTA 2014: 445-448
  5. Nikolai Tillmann, Jonathan de Halleux, Tao Xie, Judith Bishop: Code hunt: gamifying teaching and learning of computer science at scale. L@S 2014: 221-222
  6. Judith Bishop: Industry's role in data and software curation in the cloud. Journal of Systems and Software 86(9): 2327-2329 (2013)
  1. Nikolai Tillmann, Jonathan de Halleux, Tao Xie, Judith Bishop: Pex4Fun: A web-based environment for educational gaming via automated test generation. ASE 2013: 730-733
  2. Steven Fraser, Dennis Mancl, Bill Opdyke, Judith Bishop, Pradeep Kathail, Junilu Lacar, Ipek Ozkaya, Alexandra Szynkarski: Technical debt: from source to mitigation. SPLASH (Companion Volume) 2013: 67-70
  3. Judith Bishop, Nikolai Tillmann, Arno Puder, Vinayak Naik: Programming for Mobile and Touch, PRoMoTo 2013 proceedings (Editorial) at OOPSLA/SPLASH. CoRR abs/1309.5500 (2013)
  4. Steven Fraser, Judith Bishop, Barry W. Boehm, Pradeep Kathail, Philippe Kruchten, Ipek Ozkaya, Alexandra Szynkarski: Technical debt: past, present, and future (panel). ICSE 2013: 861-862
  5. Michael Barnett, Martin Nordio, Judith Bishop, Karin Koogan Breitman, Diego Garbervetsky: 3rd international workshop on developing tools as plug-ins (TOPI 2013). ICSE 2013: 1555
  6. Nikolai Tillmann, Jonathan de Halleux, Tao Xie, Sumit Gulwani, Judith Bishop: Teaching and learning programming and software engineering via interactive gaming. ICSE 2013: 1117-1126
  7. Judith Bishop, David Notkin: Developing tools as plug-ins: TOPI 2011 special issue editorial. Softw., Pract. Exper. 43(4): 389-390 (2013)
  8. Evelyne Viegas, Karin Breitman, Judith Bishop (Eds.): Proceedings of the 2013 Workshop on Data Driven Functional Programming, DDFP 2013, Rome, Italy, January 22, 2013. ACM 2013, ISBN 978-1-4503-1871-6
  9. Nikolai Tillmann, Judith Bishop: Teaching programming on a mobile device. ITiCSE 2012:404
  10. Nikolai Tillmann, Michal Moskal, Jonathan de Halleux, Manuel Fahndrich, Judith Bishop, Arjmand Samuel, Tao Xie: The future of teaching programming is on mobile devices. ITiCSE 2012:156-161
  11. Nikolai Tillmann, Peli de Halleux, Tao Xie, Judith Bishop: Pex4Fun: Teaching and Learning Computer Science via Social Gaming. CSEE&T 2012:90-91, 2012
  12. Nikolai Tillmann, Jonathan de Halleux, Tao Xie, Judith Bishop: Teaching and learning computing via social gaming with Pex4Fun (abstract only). SIGCSE 2012: 659
  13. Antonio Vallecillo, Judith Bishop: TOOLS Europe 2011 Special Section. Journal of Object Technology 11(1): (2012)
  14. Judith Bishop, Parallelism in. NET and Java, in Fundamentals of Multicore Software Development, CRC Press, Victor Pankratius, Ali-Reza Adl Tabatabi and Walter Tichy (eds.), pp 79-100, 2012
  15. Steven Fraser, Judith Bishop, Rajarshi Gupta, Dennis Mancl, J. Christopher Ramming, Salvador Rivas: Industry-academic research partnerships. OOPSLA Companion 2011: 175-178
  16. Mauro Luigi Drago and Judith Bishop, A Tool for Design and Analysis of Applications for Multicore Architectures, 26th Symposium on Applied Computing, Software Engineering Track, Riva del Garda, Trentino, Italy, 25 29 March 2012
  17. Judith Bishop, Jonathan de Halleux, Nikolai Tillmann, Nigel Horspool, Don Syme and Tao Xie, Browser-based Software for Technology Transfer. Proc. SAICSIT, October 3-5, 2011, pp338-310
  18. Judith Bishop, David Notkin, Karin Breitman: First workshop on developing tools as plug-ins: (TOPI 2011). ICSE 2011: 1230-1231
  19. Caitlin Sadowski, Thomas Ball, Judith Bishop, Sebastian Burckhardt, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, , Joseph Mayo, Madanlal Musuvathi, Shaz Qadeer and Stephen Toub, Practical parallel and concurrent programming, SIGCSE 2011, Dallas, Texas, March 9-12, 2011.
  20. Caitlin Sadowski, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Thomas Ball, Joseph Mayo, Shaz Qadeer, Sebastian Burckhardt, Madanlal Musuvathi, Judith Bishop, and Stephen Toub, Tool-based Approach to Teaching Parallel and Concurrent Programming, 2010 Workshop on Curricula for Concurrency and Parallelism, SPLASH, October 17, 2010, Tahoe Nevada.
  21. Judith Bishop, On Greatness, Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa, Volume 65, Issue 2 June 2010 , pages 97 - 99
  22. Jeff Kramer, Judith Bishop, Premkumar T. Devanbu, Sebastián Uchitel: Proceedings of the 32nd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering - Volumes 1 and 2, ICSE 2010, Cape Town, South Africa, 1-8 May 2010 ACM 2010
  23. Judith Bishop and Theo Danzfuss, Software Architecture and Mobility - Casually Connected Collaboration, Journal of Software Systems, doi:10.1016/j.jss.2010.02.36, March 2010.
  24. Serena Coetzee and Judith Bishop, Multi-disciplinary contributions from a geospatial research project on distributed address management, Geospatial Science Forum 2009 (monograph), Map Africa 2009, Midrand, South Africa, 17-18 September 2009, to appear.
  25. Serena Coetzee and Judith Bishop, Address databases for national SDI: Comparing the novel data grid approach to data harvesting and federated databases, International Journal of Geographic Information Science (IJGIS), 29), pp1179 - 1209 Sept 2009.
  26. May Chan and Judith Bishop, The Design of a Self-healing Composition Cycle for Web Services. Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE ICSE 2010 Workshop on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-managing Systems SEAMS at ICSE, pp 20-27, Vancouver, Canada, 18-19 May 2009.
  27. Serena Coetzee and Judith Bishop, An analysis of technology choices for data grids in a spatial data infrastructure. Spatial Data Infrastructure Convergence: Research, Emerging Trends, and Critical Assessment, B van Loenen, J Zevenbergen and J Besemer (Editors), Nederlandse Commissie voor Geodesie/Netherlands Geodetic Commission, pp48, 2009.
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