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Ongoing Projects:

Project: LifeX -- Lifestyle eXplorer

People are increasingly conscious of their everyday health and wellness conditions, and actively seek to improve them. In this project, we build software and hardware solutions that utilize and/or augment mobile phones to continuously monitor users' wellness without changing their existing lifestyle. Instead of solely passive monitoring, we further explore the actuation possibilities, i.e., seek to leverage the social networks to properly motivate the user towards improved health conditions. 

Project: 1stLoc -- Location As a First-Class Citizen of Mobile OS

The proliferation of location-based and location enhanced services, applications, and social networks calls for the provisioning of location service as a first class system component. Such location service should have short response time (better instantly available), provide high location accuracy and work seamlessly across outdoor and indoor environments. To achieve these goals, we seek to push down the energy envelop and enable continuous localization in the background, to explore the infrastructure intelligently.


Finished Major Projects

Project: ViRi -- View it Right

In real life, there are plenty of situations where we end up viewing a device's screen from a slanted viewing angle. ViRi enables a user to enjoy a frontal view experience even when the user is actually at a slanted viewing angle. ViRi tries to restore the front-view effect by enhancing the normal content rendering process with an additional geometry correction stage. More details can be found in the paper (in pdf). 

Project: DozyAP (PI is Dr. Yunxin Liu)

This project aims to provide a power-efficient solution to popular WiFi tethering scenarios, and to design a scheme which can significantly reduce the power consumption without downgrading the network performance and user experience.

Project: xKin

xKin tries to capture the relation among files, especially those derived from the same source, and leverage the relation for better management and search experiences.


Project: xLendar

xLendar is a new event organizer that extends the capability of conventional calendar systems. We are in rapid prototypeing stage and will release the bits out very soon. The bits will base on Windows Mobile 5.0 and above.  

Project: Impression

Impression seeks to provide real-time tracking of buddies' current location, and also enable users to publish in realtime their location-related multimedia notes (incl text, audio, picture, video clips). Those keeping an eye on their buddies (by subscription) will get notified once new geo-notes are published.


Project: Draw-in-the-Air

Dita performs accurate 3-D indoor localization using acoustic signals. It achieves few centimeters localization accuracy with minimum deployment cost and effort. It requires only a few (> 3) cheap sensor nodes (e.g., a node with a mic and a speaker) and the nodes can be random deployed. Dita further enables simple gesture-based control for the home setting where one can selects the target device using a pointing gesture and further manipulates it with 7 pre-defined gestures.

Project: Throw-to-Share

  • Simple and intuitive solution to device pairing and file sharing
  • Position-based device identification, proximity-based security enforcement with demonstrative authentication using audio channel
  • Gesture-based device selection

Project: MobiUS – We, on the Go!

  • New better-together mobile application paradigm
  • New better-viewing video experience, specially for Lovers
  • Novel cross-device collaborative system design

Project: HTTPify – Unleash the power of ISP caches

  • Paradigm shift for P2P system design
  • Creating win-win situation for P2P system development and ISPs
  • Novel cache detection tool
  • Novel cache-aware P2P system design algorithm
  • Sub-project: Whereis - a practical network coordinate system with passive landmarks

Project: ShortCut – MPEG-2 to WMV transcoder

  • Dynamic switch transcoding architecture with 4~7 real-time speed of SD video.
  • Allow 2:1 downscaling when transcoding
  • General architecture for arbitrarily resizing transcoding
  • Applied ShortCut technologies to PMC sync using Windows Media Player 10.

Project: GAXEL – GPU accelerated video encoding and decoding

  • Efficient motion estimation on GPU
  • Efficient implementation of DCT/IDCT on GPU

Project: HDoX – High definition WMV decoding over Xbox

  • Real-time playback of WMV encoded HD video on the first generation of commercial Xbox.
  • Precision control for motion compensation on 8-bit ALU
  • GPU assembly optimization

Project: WMV bit stream to MPEG-2 transport stream converter

  • Packet scheduling and buffer control of WMV bit stream over MPEG-2 transport.

Project: Peer-to-peer video streaming

  • Collaborative peer-to-peer streaming framework for scalable bit streams.
  • Better bandwidth utilization and efficient error recovery
  • FEC-based multi-colored streaming framework: improved efficiency and reliability

Project: SMART video streaming system

  • Optimal packetization for scalable bit stream
  • Accurate channel bandwidth estimation
  • Rate-distortion for PFGS codec
  • Error concealment for FGS/PFGS bit streams