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Intern Opportunities

I usually have intern openings all year round. Please email me your resume if you are interested in. I am not pushy but do require you to work very hard when approaching deadlines. This implies you need to be highly self-motivated and willing to burn night oil when necessary. Don't be scared though, my interns usually enjoy the life. Concrete requirements are:

  • Good attitude (态度好).
  • Solid programming skills (编程好). Has experience on mobile programming is a plus.
  • With system, networking, multimedia or signal processing background (有背景). A good indication of background is the top ranking in your department.

I have had the honor to work with many smart students in the past several years. Some students, esp undergraduates when doing the internship, came with the plan to apply US universities. The results are excellent -- multiple offers from top US universities. I would partially (really partially, I mean it!) attribute their success to their intern experience at MSR Asia and my recommendation.

Here's the list. I used the convention as "final choice"/"other offers".

  • 2011:
    Zhuo Chen: CMU (CS)
    Song Han: Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, Princeton, CMU
    Shijia Pan: CMU (CS)
    Dezhi Hong: UVA, Dartmouth
  • 2010:
    Zuocheng Ren: UT Austin;
    He Wang: Duke;
    Zhiyang Wang: UCLA;
    Chushi Ren: UPenn
  • 2009:
    Huasha Zhao: Berkeley, Stanford;
    Zhuo Zhang: MIT, Princeton/UIUC;
    Hongqiang Liu: Yale, Duke, UCSD;
    Yebin Zhang: CMU (master program);
    Danjuan Ye: NYU 2009
  • 2008
    Xiaojiang Guo: Stanford/CMU, Berkeley;
    Xiao Wang: UW/CMU, UPenn, Duke;
    Xiaoxiao Song: Yale/CMU, TU Austin
  • 2007
    Genyi Zhao: Stanford/MIT, Princeton, UW, USC;
    Yanlin Li: CMU/Rice, Dartmouth;
    Cong Shi: GaTech/UW, Maryland
  • 2006 /* Sorry I don't have the full list of you guys */
    Yaodong Zhang: MIT;
    Junda Liu: Berkeley
  • 2005
    Changxi Zheng: Cornell. /* First student I recommended */

1) I only write recommendation letters for those with satisfactory performance.
2) I usually suggest my interns to apply for few universities.
3) I set the rule and limit my recommendations to at most four students per year and at most 10 recommendation letters per student.