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Ishai Menache

Ishai Menache

I am a researcher in MSR Redmond. My current focus is on developing resource management frameworks for large datacenters. I am also interested in the economics of cloud computing. 

I worked in the past on machine learning algorithms (specifically, reinforcement learning), and also on game theoretic models of communication networks (Diffserv, wireless MAC, cognitive radios, etc., see this monograph for a summary).

I’ve had the privilege to work with excellent students:

Recent papers (Full list)


  • Ganesh Ananthanarayanan and Ishai Menache, Big data Analytics Systems (survey, to appear as book chapter in the book Big data over Networks, full copyright to Cambridge University Press, 2015)

Recent Program Committees: SPAA'16, EuroSys'17

e-mail: [first_name] at
phone: +1-425-7057472