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Eric Horvitz

Eric Horvitz

I'm serving as the managing director of the Microsoft Research lab at Redmond, balancing labwide responsibilities with ongoing research on machine intelligence and on opportunities to leverage the complementarities of human and machine intelligence.  My primary home page is here:

See the Microsoft Research home page as a starting point for browsing through projects, events, and people and contact information for our lab at Redmond--and our sister labs in the US and throughout the world:

My ongoing research builds on representations of probability and utility, and centers on identifying ideal actions under uncertainty and bounded informational, computational, and cognitive resources.  Beyond curiosity-driven research on foundations of machine perception, learning, and reasoning, I've been excited about building real-world systems that provide value to people, organizations, and society, working in multiple areas, including human-computer interaction, information retrieval, healthcare, transportation, operating systems, and aerospace.