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Gabriel Kliot

Gabriel Kliot

I work in Microsoft Research in the Cloud Systems Group. I am engaged in applied research around new programming models and distributed runtimes for scalable distributed services. We are providing a new platform that simplifies the way people build distributed services while allowing more efficient utilization of data centers.

I currently work on Orleans - a new programming model and runtime for cloud computing. Previously, I also worked on Horton - a distributed database for storing, processing, and querying large distributed graphs.

I received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Computer Science Department, Technion, Haifa, Israel, in February 2009, where I majored in Distributed Systems and Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks. My Ph.D. focused on Probabilistic Middleware Services in Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANET) and I was supervised by Assoc. Prof. Roy Friedman. I am one of the developers of WiPeer - Serverless P2P collaborative applications over Wi-Fi. I have also collaborated with and contributed to the Condor - High Throughput Computing project. While working in the Distributed Middleware group in IBM Haifa Research Labs I took part in the Distribution and Consistency Services project for WebSphere, which has won an IBM corporate award.

I am very interested in various aspects of Distributed Systems, such as Distributed Middlewares, High-Availability and Fault-Tolerance, Clustering, and Large Scale Systems.


PC Member: IPDPS 2013, ICDCS 2013.
External reviewer: Euro-Par 2005, DSN-DCCS 2006, EuroSys 2007, PODC 2007, ICPP 2007, PODC 2008, ICC 2008, WCNC 2008, DSN-DCCS 2009, ICALP 2009, DISC 2009, ISWPC 2010, ISSNIP 2010, SNS 2011.

Recent Publications

My old Technion web page and publications: