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Gina Venolia

I am a senior researcher with Microsoft Research in the neXus group. My research focuses on understanding how knowledge flows among people and building systems to make it flow more freely.

I am currently working on projects related to video communication and telepresence.  I am interested in its application to both work and personal contexts.  Most of my work has been with synchronous communication, but asynchronous video is also of interest.

Some Recent Publications

More About Me

I have been at Microsoft Research since 1998, and have worked on a variety of topics including speech UI's, soft keyboards, peripheral awareness, email UI, and tools to support team work within software development teams.

Before joining Microsoft, I was at Cosmo Software, a now-defunct division of the all-but-defunct Silicon Graphics. My main contribution there was the user interface design for Cosmo PageFX, a novel tool for developing animated elements for web pages using VRML. PageFX had a very cool visual language for describing the causal chain of events and animation effects.

Before that, I was at Apple Computer for 15 years. Most of my time there was spent in the Advanced Technology Group. I shipped a number of things, including the QuickDraw 3D User Interface Guidelines and Toolbox, the Apple Game Sprockets APIs, mouse acceleration (twice!) and LisaTerminal.

I'm a California native.  I enjoy adventuring on my motorcycles and tormenting (and being tormented by) my two dachshunds.

Gina Venolia