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Federico Garcea

Federico Garcea

I joined Microsoft in 1999 as a Software Developer in the IIS team.
My initial focus has been on enterprise software for large scale web development and server management.
I later moved to the Microsoft campus in Silicon Valley and contributed to several releases of platforms for delivery of digital TV services.
Since joining MS Research in 2008, I have worked on Machine Translation to provide integration of automated language processing features to a variety of services, from office automation to online search.
As manager of the engineering team, I have been interested in constantly improving not only our code and service, but our process and the way we design and deliver software as tangible yet digital value to both business customers and consumers.
We no longer have developers as a separate role for software engineering, but a combined engineering and devops discipline that makes us all part of continuous delivery of value to users.
We manage a large scale online service for speech and text translation in more than 50 languages, providing the backbone for Skype Translator, Bing Translator, Office translation features, and many other partner services and applications used globally by millions of people every day.
Our service has proven useful for everyday business tasks such as document localization, as well as facilitating relief workers in a time of crisis.
Language is perhaps the most distinctive aspect of our humanity, and it reflects our diversity.
It is a great privilege to work on the most advanced algorithms and technologies to understand and translate from one language to another, and take part in the continuous evolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence.