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Eric Frazer

Eric Frazer

How much effort should I put into a web page that will likely be viewed by less than 10 people, the majority of that # being my relatives?

What I'm working on: I'm the Technical Lead on a project called Microsoft Tag. This is a product which runs on your cell phone, any cell phone, and allows you to snap pictures of this nifty new barcode we're introducing, and it allows you to get instant information about the product or object you just took a picture of. This has a lot of implications: Instant information! Price comparisons, instant video previews, caloric and nutritional information, product ratings, instant purchasing, the list goes on and on. I'll probably be on this project for quite a while, god-willing. I love my group and my boss. Seriously love them. I need therapy for all this love I have to share.

I've been here at MS for a ridiculous 11 years... What else have I worked on?

1. I wrote the precursor version of the World Wide Telescope...
2. I wrote the precursor version of the Microsoft Ringcam, well, at least the audio video part...
3. I helped out with a project called FaThumb which is, among other things, a Yellow-Pages-for-Cellphones.
4. I worked on a lot of the architectural underpinnings of the audio and video engines for Vista. No, I'm not responsible for any of the user interface, or the popup "are you sure you want to do that?" boxes.
5. I wrote a huge chunk of Movie Maker and Photostory for Windows Millenium, XP, and Vista.

33 patents and counting!!! Woo hoo!