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Eric Stollnitz

Eric Stollnitz

I'm a developer in the Computational Photography group of Microsoft Research. I help create new technologies and applications that combine techniques from computer vision and computer graphics to enhance the capabilities of digital cameras. I've worked on projects involving 3D reconstruction, digital storytelling, burst photography, and panoramic stitching and viewing, as well as user-interface design and 3D modeling.

Here are some of the projects that I've contributed to:

Hyperlapse    Hyperlapse: create smooth, stabilized time-lapses from first-person videos. Available as an Android app, a Windows Phone app, a desktop app for Windows 7 and later, and an Azure service.
ICE    Image Composite Editor (ICE): stitch a panorama together from photos or a video, then save the result as an image or upload an interactive panorama to Photosynth. Available as a desktop app for Windows Vista and later.  
Gigapixel ArtZoom   

Gigapixel ArtZoom: explore an interactive multi-billion-pixel panorama of downtown Seattle, and find artists and performers all over the city.

    Photosynth Tech Preview: combine photos to create and share a 3D reconstruction of your world in the form of a spin, a panorama, a walk, or a wall.
Spin    Spin: capture a 3D object or scene using an ordinary camera. Released as Photosynth Tech Preview.
Cliplets    Cliplets: combine static and dynamic content into surprisingly fun looping videos. Available as a desktop app for Windows 7 and later, and as a Windows 8 app
BLINK    Blink: capture a burst of photos to produce a stabilized animation or to pick the very best shot. Available as a Windows Phone app
RIN    Rich Interactive Narratives (RIN): combine many types of interactive media into a seamless story that can be passively watched or actively explored. Demonstrated on the Digital Narratives web site
HD View    HD View and HD View SL: view high-resolution panoramas on the web. Available as a browser plugin on Windows and as an open-source Silverlight component