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Cynthia Dwork: Recent Papers

C. Dwork, F. McSherry, K. Nissim, and A. Smith, Calibrating Noise to Sensitivity in Private Data Analysis, Proceedings of the 3rd IACR Theory of Cryptography Conference, 2006

C. Dwork, Differential Privacy, Proceedings of the 33rd International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming (invited), 2006

C. Dwork, M. Naor, G. Rothblum, V. Vaikuntanathan, How Efficient Can Memory Checking Be? Proceedings of the Theory of Computing Conference, 2009

C. Dwork, The Differential Privacy Frontier (Extended Abstract). Proceedings of the Theory of Computing Conference, 2009 (invited)

Cynthia Dwork, M. Naor, O. Reingold, G. Rothblum, S. Vadhan, On the complexity of differentially private data release: efficient algorithms and hardness results. Proceedings of STOC, 2009

C. Dwork, J. Lei, Differential privacy and robust statistics. Proceedings of STOC, 2009

C. Dwork, M. Naor, G. Rothblum, T. Pitassi, S. Yekhanin, Pan-Private Streaming Algorithms, Proceedings of Innovations in Computer Science, 2010

Cynthia Dwork: Differential Privacy in New Settings (invited), Proceedings of SODA 2010

C. Dwork, M. Naor, G. Rothblum, T. Pitassi, Differential Privacy Under Continual Observation, Proceedings of STOC, 2010

C. Dwork, Privacy against many arbitrary low-sensitivity queries (invited), Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, 2010

C. Dwork, G. Rothblum, S. Vadhan, Boosting and Differential Privacy, Proceedings of FOCS, 2010

C. Dwork and M. Naor, On the Difficulties of Disclosure Prevention, or The Case for Differential Privacy, Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality (2), 2010

C. Dwork, A Firm Foundation for Private Data Analysis, CACM 54(1), 2011

C. Dwork, M. Hardt, T. Pitassi, O. Reingold, and R. Zemel, Fairness Through Awareness,  Proceedings of ITCS, 2012

C. Dwork, M. Naor, and S. Vadhan, The Privacy of the Analyst and the Power of the State, Proceedings of FOCS, 2012

C. Dwork and D. Mulligan, It's Not Privacy, and It's Not Fair, Stanford Law Review Online, 2013

R. Zemel, Y. Wu, K. Swersky, T. Pitassi, and C. Dwork, Learning Fair Representations, Proceedings of ICML, 2013

C. Dwork, K. Talwar, A. Thakurta, and L. Zhang, Analyze Gauss: Optimal Bounds for Privacy-Preserving PCA, Proc. STOC, 2014

C. Dwork, A. Nikolov, and K. Talwar, Using Convex Relations for Efficiently and Privately Releasing Marginals, Proceedings of SoCG, 2014