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Demonstration of Spatial Patch Occupancy Model (SPOM)
Click here to create grid and start simulation -->    -- Hints --
Colonization: fecundity parameter [1-40]     Move mouse over grid to seed the population // If the population goes extinct, just seed it again
Extinction: temperature at which rate is minimal [0-40]    Move sliders slowly to avoid extinction! // No sliders? retype value in box, then click out of box
Extinction: senstivity to temperature [0-100]    To work properly this demo requires an html 5 compliant browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, IE9, IE10)
Temperature change with respect to baseline [-10 - 10]     Copyright Raul Garcia and Drew Purves, 2012 // For more info click here
  // chart axes, temp, vertical // chart axes, temp, horizontal // chart text, temp Temperature // chart axes, ext, vertical // chart axes, ext, horizontal // chart text, ext Extinction rate // latitude going vertically up the left hand Latitude