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Dmitry Meshchaninov

Principal SDE

Dmitry works on several software incubation projects in Advanced Cloud Technologies (ACT) team. He is currently incubating ideas like energy-efficient computing through low-power cores in datacenters, breakthrough hardware in datacenters, and cloud runtimes.

Before ACT, Dmitry spent 6 years in Windows Core Operating System Division in Hyper-V team working on hypervisor kernel (virtual TLB, scheduling, device and processor virtualization).

Before joining Microsoft, Dmitry held positions from junior engineer to Acting CTO in startups working in areas of industrial automation and hierarchical storage.

Dmitry's passions include real-time operating systems, virtual machines and hypervisors, low-latency and distributed systems. He has filed several patents based on his area of work.

Dmitry received his MS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) in May 1996.